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 Core content on the left navigation menu steps in after you have done as much as you can with diet and lifestyle. It will help you improve on the areas of health that concern you most. 

Looking for content that answers your needs? Start with the Core Content listed as CR Way Benefits on the left navigation menu.

  • Expert Teleconferences – a growing resource of more than 75 podcasts by leading scientists, doctors, health experts, and CR Way members
  • Microbiome – description and suggestions for improving your gut, oral and urinary tract microbiomes: More microbiomes to be added
  • Delicious Foods – recipes, food to choose, healthy hedonics and pure water
  • Meditation and eating for happiness
  • Happy Dieting – losing weight, maintaining healthy weight, gaining weight, and The CR Way to Happy Dieting (multi-media resource for learning to eat to increase happiness – making dieting easier)
  • Stem Cells – the basics and potential for improving your health and longevity
  • Long, Healthy Life – superb health, meet Ralph, healthful exercise, circadian living, and sexy aging
  • Getting Smarter – Follow the success path for improving cognition
  • Peak Performance – how to use your CR Way lifestyle to perform at your peak
  • Protection from Disease – prevention and treatment of age-related disease, with strategies for optimizing organs (heart, kidneys, thyroid, eyes, etc.) to function better longer
  • Science Behind the Benefits – summary of essential cellular signals for extending life
  • Live Better Longer – strategies for how to become a centenarian and the Live Better Longer free video series
Work with Paul & Meredith to find the content that can help you most. 
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