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Teleconference - June  23, 2019
Open Forum - Low Glucose for a Young Heart
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Welcome, Everybody!

For those of you who are new, this is your introduction to CR Way live teleconferences, which we have once or twice a week for the LivingTheCRWay community. Talking with each other live is one of the best ways to share information (and a great way to connect!) We’re happy that it promotes friendship, which is essential to good health and longevity.

Most us are often surrounded by unhealthy people who don’t seem to care about their diet or lifestyle. Well get ready for a change: Everybody in the CR Way community shares a passion for optimal health and does what they can to make their life better and longer.

If you are a new member who just joined most likely you enrolled in The CR Way to Great Glucose Control. If you are a year-round member, you get it as one of your benefits. It is a nine-week program that will help you get your blood glucose under control in good health – without medication. As is true of so much in life – you get out of it what you put into it: Take it seriously and incorporate the ideas into the way you live, and it will transform you: After just nine weeks, your health will be substantially better.

The live classes are held via teleconference on Saturday afternoons, in hopes that the time will be convenient for you. Each class will be preceded by instructional videos and followed by the teleconference recording and transcript, being posted in your Great Glucose Control Library on

If you encounter a problem – just call Meredith, Jayne, or me and we will help you.

The Great Glucose Control classes start on the second Saturday of July.

Low Glucose for a Young Heart

Today the topic is low glucose for a young heart. That is not an exaggeration. Get your fasting glucose to be under 80 mg/dL, healthfully, that’s 4.4 mmol/L, for several hours – say while you sleep. Your cells will reward you by using adenosine monophosphate (AMP) for fuel and your heart will be rewarded too.

AMP (and AMPK)

What is AMP or adenosine monophosphate? When your cells detect that energy availability to perform their tasks is low, they begin to produce AMP that, in turn, activates a get-it-done molecule adenosine monophosphate kinase (AMPK). It proceeds logically to regulate your metabolism, turning it down for lower energy needs.

Then marvelous things happen, especially for your heart.

Nitric Oxide

For one thing, Nitric Oxide is increased. Nitric oxide is a gas and a hormone that is vital for many processes in your body. When nitric oxide increases, blood pressure falls. That is why 100/60 is a normal reading for CR Way practitioners.

Inflammation Reduces

That’s why the inflammation markers High Sensitive C Reactive protein or hsCRP & tumor necrosis factor or TNF fall too and are usually at the low end of the reference range on CR Way members.

Fat Burning Increases

To make up for the reduced energy availability, Fat Burning Increases – That is probably why body fat percentages are as low as 12% for CR Way men and 18 to 24 % for CR Way women.

Triglycerides Lower

Triglycerides are used for fuel and therefore are low on us, running between 45-65.

Cholesterol Formation Reduces

Cholesterol Synthesis reduces so cholesterol usually drops for CR Way members. 150 mg/dL or lower is normal for us. You would be hard pressed to get cholesterol that low by using a cholesterol-lowering drug.

Growth Drivers Reduce

In sync with growth downregulation, AMPKinase reduces mTOR and IGF-1. These signals drive growth at the cellular level

Mitochondria Increase

Animal studies indicate mitochondrial biogenesis is probable. One study of our muscle tissue showed that indeed is the case. 

Hearts like Teenagers

Now I talk a lot about AMPK on teleconferences because it is an amazing metabolic regulator with a strong association with slowing and reversing aging. You can tell that when it becomes active because your cardiovascular system will begin acting more like that of a teenager rather than somebody who is decades older.

No one should promise you that if you follow the CR Way lifestyle that you will live longer, but your chances will improve. You don’t have to be a scientist to figure out that if you have great glucose control and extraordinary heart health to go with it that your chances to live better for longer will increase.

Next weekend, we will have a get-to-know you meeting where we will listen to your glucose control challenges and plan the upcoming lessons accordingly. By then most new participants will have enrolled. We will then close enrollment and get ready for the classes to begin.

On Tuesday, at 8 pm (ET) the CR Way Support Group will meet to discuss oral health, which is not only important for dental care but is related to diabetes risk, cardiovascular health, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. All members including new Great Glucose Control participants are invited to attend.

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