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Teleconference - January 11, 2020
Open Forum - Your To-do List for Successful Aging

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Many of you have made New Year’s resolutions. Do your resolutions include lifestyle practices to help you slow – or perhaps even reverse – aging? What’s on your list?

The “CR Way To-do List for Successful Aging” includes these goals:

  • Maintaining a Healthy BMI: between 19 and 23
  • Protection strategies against age-related diseases, e.g., cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases, and – of course – aging itself.
  • Optimal Function of
    • Heart
    • Brain
    • Kidneys
    • Muscles (no lasting aches, pains, or weaknesses)
    • Skeletal system, especially joints at risk for osteoporotic fracture
    • Eyes

All of these organ system are affected positively by Great glucose Control, intermittent fasting, and good sleep.  The CR Way to Great Glucose Control now includes sections on optimizing heart health and on fasting.

  • Optimal Glucose and Insulin Management
  • Low Inflammation (achieved by eliminating root causes)
  • More Efficient Cellular Energy Production
  • Slow Metabolic Rate
  • Preservation and use of Healthy Adult Stem Cells as needed
  • Stable DNA
  • Optimal Microbiome Composition and Function

Your body breaks down slowly as you age. Trying to stop and reverse the breakdown eludes most people. Yet, listen to Debbie B, a member from Tennessee as she tells you the significant improvements she has made in just a short time

 After 11 weeks on the CR Way, I had a doctor’s appointment, which generated results I would like to share:  When I joined, my total cholesterol was 216 mg/dL in August and it is 146 mg/dL now.  My LDL was 90 mg/dL and now it is 50 mg/dL… – Debbie B., Tennessee

Applying CR Way principles is the key.

I’m down to a fasting glucose of 78 mg/dL and after my walk recently, I was at 67 mg/dL. It blows my mind to have glucose levels that low … – Dave B., Virginia

Starting is Easy

After you join, we give you your personal spreadsheet with a list of tests to get from your doctor. When you get your results, you schedule a personal teleconference (Live!) with us so we can help you interpret the results, find out what you need to do to improve, and plan your diet and lifestyle to correct them.

Again.....thank you so much for your help, your expertise, and your caring way. It is greatly appreciated… – Barb P., Pennsylvania

Becoming Part of the Community

You become part of a community of doers – people who share your passion for optimal health and extending life and doing something about it. You will be invited to CR Way Support Group teleconferences – which are live every Tuesday at 8:00 pm (ET), Open Forum teleconferences – held twice monthly on Sunday afternoons, and live Expert teleconferences with scientists and doctors.

Open forum and expert teleconferences are recorded so, if you can’t make a call, you can listen to it at a time that’s convenient. It works phenomenally well:

“I really enjoy our ‘get-togethers’ via weekly phone chats. Each one of us is warmly welcomed and invited to share our experiences. I have also learned a lot by just active listening! It is a great opportunity to ‘drink from the well’ of the longevity gurus… Melody, S., Virginia

Special Courses

Special courses are fundamental to CR Way memberships. With a focus on vital aspects of aging and health, the value of the courses alone is worth well more than $2000. Actually – if you implement the ideas and reduce your disease risk significantly, they are worth far more.

The CR Way to Great Glucose Control

Great glucose control is essential to prevent disease and slow aging. “The CR Way to Great Glucose Control” is the groundbreaking, nine-week course that has become the resource for learning how to control glucose levels naturally.

Course resources

  • Glucose control experts, Paul McGlothin & Meredith Averill, teach all classes.
  • Nine 30-minute teleconference classes – easy to work into your busy schedule
  • Instructional videos, describing your steps to achieve great glucose control.
  • A five-part, beautifully illustrated and regularly updated e-book with new recipes, food suggestions, and even ideas for improving your gut microbiome.

           Sleep for Longer Life

To counteract the reduced sleep length and quality that plagues most people as they age, the CR Way offers a two-week sleep course: Sleep for Longer Life. It is filled with practical ideas that you can use to improve your sleep:

  • A sleep evaluation
  • Lighting suggestions to get your body ready for sleep and help you get back to sleep when you get up to go to the bathroom.
  • Eating to sleep better
  • Foot massage for sleep

à A Better Sleep lifestyle plan that starts when you wake up and continues until you lie down to go to sleep.

Get Started

Start by checking these memberships:

Personal Consultation and Brain Booster

Call us at 877-481-4841 to answer any questions you have, and we will help you customize a CR Way lifestyle that works for you.


Wishing you extraordinary health,

Paul & Meredith

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