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Many who travel The CR Way achieve extraordinary health that they enjoy sharing with others. We found their stories so inspirational, we thought you would enjoy reading some of them and perhaps posting your own. To share your story, please contact

To learn more about how living the CR Way can slow aging, take a look at this video slide show, The CR Way to Successful Aging, presented on Saturday, December 9.

Dr. Greg Fickert

Dental surgeon in his forties from Birmingham, U.K. 

"I've always been interested in good health. In the middle of January 2009 my BMI was 26.2 (classified as medically overweight). I thought I might be over-exercising, and that the CR Way might have a lot to teach me.
"Nine months on the CR Way allowed me to attain the best health of my adult life. Besides getting my BMI to a healthy 21.8, I no longer suffered from extremely painful osteoarthritis. "My goal became to maintain my improved health and get even healthier – and I have!"

Wendy Silverman

Top New York publishing executive and, oh BTW: married mother of three boys – including twins in nursery school. 

 "Two years after I had the twins, my BMI was still 31 (considered medically obese). That's when I started the CR Way. ;

"Now I'm healthier than ever, and my BMI never exceeds 21.7. "My plan is to always follow this path, so my goals are to continue to improve upon the healthy stats (lab test results) I have already attained. 

Bhavani Lorraine Nelson

Inspiring spiritual teacher who is based at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and, at 70 years young, has an international following

"I was heavy from childhood, but always fairly fit. Over three years I experienced three leg-fracture-caused wheelchair experiences that left me weak, with a 45.3 BMI (classified as morbidly obese).

“To get fit again, I began lifting weights and researched CR, which appealed to me because it seemed sound scientifically. It was designed to produce optimal health for a lifetime, not something to go 'on' for weight loss and then go 'off.' Soon I purchased The CR Way. 

 "Then I discovered that by joining the LivingTheCRWay Web site as a paying member, I could have the authors as my personal CR lifestyle trainers, and that changed everything. Through full access to the Web site and their telephone conferences, I soon got that there was a lot more to an effective CR lifestyle than simply limiting calories.

"I have now achieved a weight loss of 110 pounds, bidding farewell to blood pressure- and cholesterol-lowering medications in the process. My current BMI is 26.4 and my biomarkers are now pretty terrific. My goal is to keep eating and exercising wisely so that my body can continue its journey to maximum health.

"One of reasons I was able to succeed and look forward to continued success is that the CR Way provides a different mindset. I’m not “dieting” I’m eating in a way that makes me really healthy – and may even enable me to live longer. The results are visible – and I feel terrific!

Anthony Graziano

25-year-old self-employed Web marketer and consultant in metropolitan New Jersey with wide-ranging interests, from science and health to philosophy, psychology, and fashion.

Talk about unusual insight: At age 15, he noticed that he felt better when he at less, so he decided to eat less more purposefully.
At that age Anthony measured 5’9.5” and weighed 160 pounds, giving him a BMI* of 23.3 – perfectly healthy.
At this age he responds to our questions: "I've always looked for the science behind the benefits of any activity that I pursue for my health. I relate very strongly to this aspect of the CR Way.
"My response to the overall nature of the lifestyle started upon finding Paul and Meredith’s CR Way: Wow! For the first time, here’s an approach that reflects ‘Getting it’ – really understanding things with full integration very seldom seen – the kind of mental integration I felt I had, was constantly working to improve, and desperately wanted to see more of in others: I'd found it!
"Now my BMI is 20.2. Current goals involve maintaining as best I can and for as long as I can my present state of robust, excellent health and mental well-being. Central to this is maintaining and enhancing my cognitive capabilities.
"It seems to me that many people live with a level of 'brain fog' that is essentially accepted as normal. Occasionally they experience bursts of clarity; ‘one of my better days.’ Increase the intensity of that clarity further still and imagine having that as your constant state of awareness! That is how I feel, and I think you can too."

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