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The CR Way is based on more than 75 years of CR research: (Brief History of Calorie Restriction Research). Setting a new standard for ease and benefits from low calorie living, The CR Way includes other important and complementary practices, proven to benefit human health.



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Although The CR Way was released in 2008, the biochemistry underpinning the lifestyle was written into your genes billions of years ago when living organisms needed to cope with food scarcity. So a protection system evolved. Rather than continue growth and reproduction during times of forced fasting, the body reacts with profound physiological changes that result in metabolic efficiency. Ultimately, these changes protect against disease and slow the aging process. When food becomes plentiful, the protection emphasis gives way to growth and reproductive functions.





Making it easy to activate CR’s protective chemistry is a focus of The CR Way and its companion online resourceThe CR Way to Happy Dieting. Myriad research studies indicate that the phenomenal health and longevity benefits of calorie restriction are regulated at the cellular level.  But so far, most of the research that confirms the regulatory patterns that activate this protective system has been done on animals.


Recognizing that human research is vital, we champion human CR research:


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