Your Success Path

Your Success Path contains a lot of information. Your success path will help you keep it organized in a way that's helpful to you. ​Here are the steps you should take: 

CR Way Fundamental Biochemistry Discover the cell signaling patterns that increase your chances to avoid age-related disease and extend life. 

Get Lab Test Results – Form relationships with a doctor and a dentist you really like, who will order The CR Way Optimal Health & Longevity Tests and share the results with you. Join the 125-Year Plan – See how you progress over time and how your results compare to others who are traveling the CR Way.

Find your Favorite CR Way Foods and Plan your Lifestyle
 – Learn the basics. Use The CR Way to Great Glucose Control e-Book and Library to find basic steps to follow, foods to choose, and lifestyle plans (including meal plans). Join the Support Group.

Breathe Pure Air & Drink Pure Water
– Eliminate or reduce pollution from your life. Do all you can to drink pure water and breathe pure air.

Beat Your Health Challenges – Understand your health challenges. Use CR Way Core Content (CR WAY , the left navigation menu) to find solutions, consistent with longevity biochemistry. Join the CR Way Support Group to learn how others do it.

Join CR Way Research 
– Determine how well you are aging and what you can do to slow it down or reverse it. Contact Paul or Meredith to find out how: Call 877-481-4841 or 914-762-8878 or email or

Plan for Successful Aging
– Identify what you hope to achieve health-wise in one, five, and ten years. Then use to develop your Success Path to get you there.

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