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Glucose / Ketone Goals mg/dL


Fasting overnight

12 + hours

Drink distilled water, herbal tea or zero calorie broth. If desired, chew xylitol gum

Glucose 60s to 80

Ketones <10.7 (0.6 mmol)

Glucose needs to be in the low 80s or below for 12 hours or more for ketone production to be activated.

Early, e.g. 6:00 AM

Warm Beginning – Enjoy:

1 ½ tsp Lemon juice (canned, bottled, or fresh), to taste,  in

1 cup    Water, warmed


Glucose 60s to 80

Ketones <10.7 (0.6 mmol)

Use your glucometer! You need  to keep glucose levels low to activate B-hydroxybutyrate production, the ketone that can be measured in the blood of healthy people.

6:15 AM

Exercise moderately for approximately 45 minutes. Walking works well.

Glucose 60s

Ketones <10.7 (0.6 mmol)

Check with your doctor before exercising with glucose levels low. Intense aerobic exercise is not recommended and can be dangerous 


Meditate 15 minutes or more, a relaxed way to begin your day.

7:00 AM

Optional Tease meal or beginning of breakfast

110 grams     Wild blueberries

 3 grams       Walnuts


Eat slowly and joyfully, savoring every bite as an extension of meditation. This facilitates insulin production while shutting down ketone production.

7:45 AM

Measure glucose

60s to70s

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