CR Groundbreakers

We are extremely grateful to the many scientists whose research has profoundly affected The CR Way of life.

Sinclair Labs
From left to right: Brian Delaney, David Sinclair, Meredith
Averill, Paul McGlothin


Luigi Fontana, M.D., Ph.D.: Created the first human studies on CR – providing a standard to judge our CR practice and valuable guidance on how to safely live a CR life.

David Sinclair, Ph.D.: Helped us understand the pathways that must be activated for SIRT1 to be expressed. His work on Resveratrol is a leap forward in how a CR mimetic may be used for better health.

Stephen Spindler, Ph.D.: Especially renowned for genetic microarray work on calorie restricted animals, helped us understand that CR benefits can be quickly activated at any age.

Christoph Westphal, M.D., Ph.D.:  As CEO of Sirtris – sets the standard, among leaders in the world of CR science, for building bridges between discovery and practice. He’s helped us better understand how to communicate the CR Way to the public and facilitated it by inviting Paul to present at the brilliant Aging & Healthy Lifespan Conference.

Leonard Guarente, Ph.D.: Heads the lab that discovered the function of SIR2 in aging – ultimately influencing how we plan our CR lifestyle.

John Holloszy, Ph.D. Deepened our understanding of the role exercise plays in health and its limitation in slowing aging, resulting in our moderation of the amount of exercise we do each day.

Joseph M. Dhahbi, MD., PhD.: Provided insights on how CR affects cellular energy, white blood cells, the heart, and genomic expression at the cellular level.





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