NutriBase CR Way Edition Software

The Nutribase CR Way Edition Software turns your home computer into the world’s leading authority on health and longevity! The software’s extensive tracking capabilities eliminate guesswork that leads to unhealthful outcomes. It’s easy to track weight as well as calorie and nutrient intake -- including fatty acids and phytochemicals. You can also track exercise, glucose levels, heart health, and even happiness level -- which may be a key determinant of longevity.

If you need to lose weight, you can enter your weight-loss goals into the software, and it will calculate a healthful number of pounds to lose each week as well as the appropriate calorie intake to achieve your goal. The software comes loaded with recipes that increase your happiness level, empowering you to leave unhealthful comfort foods behind. The software is included as part of the benefits of the Optimal Health, Healthful Weight Loss and Brain Booster Memberships.

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