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Expert Guidance – Live Teleconferences

Most experts charge hundreds of dollars for teleconferences.      CR Wayexperts Paul McGlothin & Meredith Averill help you achieve your goals for better health. Join these renowned leaders of calorie restriction research and practice live on twice-monthly teleconferences where you can ask the questions you need.

 Advanced Dietary Software

Optimal Health, Healthful Weight Loss, Diabetes Intervention, and Brain Booster Memberships include the NutriBase CR Way Edition Software, the advanced diet and lifestyle manager that downloads in minutes to your desktop or laptop computer. Delicious recipes and foods to choose come preloaded.

Use it to help activate your longevity biochemistry as well as improve your heart health, prevent or fight major diseases, lower blood sugar, manage exercise, make it easy to lose weight, and even improve your mood.

Quick-start guide speeds you on your way happily

You get online access to The CR Way™  to Happy Dieting, which shows you how to use your food and lifestyle to increase happiness, making a healthful diet satisfying to follow and fun! Healthful Weight Loss and Brain Booster members receive the guide as a download.

Using the quick-start guide lowers your stress and helps you avoid disease, too. This resource even offers a CR Way to Fast Foods Meal Plan for busy people who have no time to fix food but don’t want to sacrifice their health.

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Delicious Food

Delicious, healthful recipes to savor

The CR Way To Peak Performance

Your diet and lifestyle coach for performing at your best

 Getting Smarter

A blueprint for improving your brain power 

 Long, Healthy Life

Introduction to the beneficial cellular changes that the CR Way is based on


   A Happier You

Strategies to relieve your stress and increase your happiness

 Protection From Disease

Help in preventing or fighting cancer; diabetes; osteoporosis, and heart, kidney, and Alzheimer's diseases –

and  tracking the research for proof of more!

 Science Behind The Benefits

Description of the solid science that supports (and explains) the benefits

The Longevity Guide

Pointers for your becoming a centenarian

NutriBase CR Way Edition Software

The Nutribase CR Way Edition Software turns your home computer into the world’s leading authority on health and longevity! The software’s extensive tracking capabilities eliminate guesswork that leads to unhealthful outcomes. It’s easy to track weight as well as calorie and nutrient intake -- including fatty acids and phytochemicals. You can also track exercise, glucose levels, heart health, and even happiness level -- which may be a key determinant of longevity.

If you need to lose weight, you can enter your weight-loss goals into the software, and it will calculate a healthful number of pounds to lose each week as well as the appropriate calorie intake to achieve your goal. The software comes loaded with recipes that increase your happiness level, empowering you to leave unhealthful comfort foods behind. The software is included as part of the benefits of the Optimal Health, Healthful Weight Loss and Brain Booster Memberships.

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